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Global Meat & Dairy Exporter

IMEX Global Partners export fresh Meat & Dairy produce from Australia to many Asian and UAE countries around the world, These countries include China, Japan, Arabia, Iraq, Dubai, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan & many more.

Our aim is to bring the best Meat, Seafood and Dairy products to our customers around the world.
With over 45 years of experience in the Meat & Dairy Export industry, we consistently meet the highest levels of food safety, animal welfare, product quality and customer service.

Our range of products include Beef, Lamb, Goat, Chicken & Poultry, Game Meats, Baby/Infant Formula, Cheese, Butter and Milk Products.


Australia has a longstanding reputation for quality and consistent meat products. Australia enjoy world-wide demand due to this established reputation and a single minded focus on food safety and quality. Abundant pastoral land, a clean environment and cutting edge animal rearing practices ensure well fed and healthy animals, thus enabling Australian growers to rear some of the best quality animals available anywhere in the world.

We also source from trusted, approved and certified international producers. Our International meat and meat products are sourced across all continents worldwide.



Largest range of premium quality meat products


Best quality Australia and New Zealand seafood products

Fin Fish


Australia and New Zealand’s finest quality dairy products

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Over 45 years of experience.

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